Visiting San Francisco

(San Francisco, California - CA, USA)

San Francisco contains many truly world-class sights, instantly recognizable at a glance. Perhaps the most famous of San Francisco's landmarks is the stunning Golden Gate Bridge, which features a number of lookout points offering superb views across San Francisco's bay area.

Other highlights in and around the city of San Francisco include the Golden Gate Park, which was completed in the 1890s and has long been an important part of city life, containing botanical gardens and many areas of tranquility, offering the perfect place to escape from the San Francisco's bustling city center.

Visiting San Francisco: Places to Visit

  • Barbary Coast Trail Walking Tour, a popular self-guided route past many of the most notable sights in San Francisco, offering a real insight into the city's past
  • Aquarium of the Bay, full of fishy attractions with underwater viewing areas, large sharks, colorful fish and many other marine creatures in all shapes and sizes, standing along San Francisco's Pier 39
  • Lombard Street, a particularly eye-catching short street in San Francisco, located on the side of a steep hill and famous for being the world's 'bendiest' street, with seven extremely sharp corners
  • Golden Gate Bridge, one of San Francisco's most iconic symbols, completed in 1937 when it was the longest bridge of its kind on the planet, with helicopter tours available
  • Pier 39 / Fisherman's Wharf, central to life in San Francisco, lined with an array of specialty shops, places to eat and street entertainment, with large groups of friendly sea lions nearby
  • San Francisco City Hall, a grand palatial building featuring an enormous rotunda and dome, completed in 1915 and home to many of the city's most prominent events over the years
  • Alcatraz Island, once the most notorious prison on the planet, also known in San Francisco as 'The Rock in the Bay'
  • Museum of the City of San Francisco, full of interesting information about the city and the earthquakes in both 1906 and 1989
  • Hakone Japanese Tea Garden, a beautifully landscaped Japanese Tea Garden, standing in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park and featuring a drum bridge and large pagoda building
  • Pioneer's Monument, a tall and imposing structure, known for being one of the few freestanding buildings still standing following San Francisco's extreme earthquake in 1906
  • Fort Point, a historic fortress dating back to the middle of the 19th century, offering a popular vantage point with superb views across both San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge

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